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         My name is Robert Robinson. My first job at age 14 was as a laborer on a framing crew. I tried some other things then found my way back to construction at 21. I luckily found a mentor that taught me everything involved in fine homebuilding and remodeling.

         In 1999, after working for him for years, I started my own business. Because of my knowledge and experience, I began working for all the big commercial and residential builders in Oregon and Washington. Builders like Polygon, Millenium, Timbertek, DR Horton, Voss, Hoffman, and Robinson. I like to tell customers I take partial responsibility for Beaverton and Hillsboro because I built most of it.

         In 2008 I had a crew of 40 when the market crashed. It was no longer possible to continue at that level so I went back to my remodeling roots. In addition to that, I found I enjoyed flipping properties.

         Recently I've realized the dream of having my son work with me. Teaching him and preparing him to be successful is a joy. We are involved on the ground level with several Green building organizations as well as the Portland Housing Bureau.             

         We're hoping to help decrease the negative impact of standard construction practices and increase the sustainability and quality of all our services.

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